So what’s the story here?


I’m a second-generation Chartered Professional Accountant who practices as a consultant for both domestic and cross-border issues. This niche practice came about by accident – As a Canadian who practices US tax, I found that this brought a unique perspective to what is normally an after-thought for a lot US-based firms.


Schooling? Sure. Graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Advanced Certificate in Accounting from the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. Graduate of the last class to get the Chartered Accountant designation. Practising member of the Alberta Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants.


Was I always a tax guy? Not always. Before the suit-and-tie gig, I spent some time carpentering and building log houses on a tiny island on the Gulf Coast. Also spent some time as a cowboy and guide on the ranches of Alberta and the mountains of British Columbia. After an incident with a horse and a river, I decided that education is a good thing. Also decided that the opportunity to step into a second-generation practice was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and as they say, “A good choice.”


These days I write about tax stuff, and provide small-practice advisory help for new firms.